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Guess what? I've got a new web page! You can find sweet holiday romances at! Check it out!

Aug 6, 2020--New book reviews! Click "What's Eliza Reading?"

I have another new favorite author.


"[He] owned the largest group of tabloid newspapers and conservative magazines in the western hemisphere. He was also the president of a television news network so far to the right that, as one writer put it, 'While Fox News appeals to a conservative viewership, the Eagle Expose Network seems to have been created by Lex Luther for Mad Max villains and Vlad the Impalers who want to return to the gold standard, replace preschool with toddler coal mining, and balance the budget through Bigfoot hunts and free-market organ harvesting.'"

--The Wrong Dead Guy by Richard Kadrey


A quote from my new favorite author:


"I knew it was her. That was my kind of luck. The kind of woman I wanted most, the kind I should stay away from at all costs, that's the woman who I will awaken to from a slumber that might have been death."

--Fearless Jones by Walter Mosely


"My day didn't start with murder, although the thought crossed my mind.


'Save me,' the voice on the phone whispered. 'You're my last chance.' It was a harsh, old voice, as ratchet as a Las Vegas Wheel of Fortune.


I laughed in derision. 'Tough luck.' It was cruel perhaps, but not without justification. I'd been burned by the voice before."

--Fool's Puzzle by Earlene Fowler


"The day was unsettled in a Seattle sort of way--silver with a chance of navy...."

--Coffee to Die For by Linda French

"I'd like a beer," I told her. "And don't look at me that way. I'm not the worst mistake you ever made."

--The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam by Chris Ewan


I've recently tried something new--writing screenplays. My first attempt is a Christmas story that I recently sent off to a contest. I haven't got the contest results back yet but I did get some feedback on my story:


"One of the reasons The Christmas Sprite is so engaging is because the writer has taken the time to craft a unique universe governed by a very specific set of rules. Also, the script features some very clever gags along the way, including the portable candy cane charger and much more. Finally, the writer demonstrates a professional voice. The dialogue uses subtext to convey the

emotions of the character, while the action lines are vivid without being verbose. As a result, the script is fun, fast read. Overall, The Christmas Sprite has potential to be a really enjoyable family film."

How fun is that? I'll get the Christmas stories up and out pronto.

Hello and welcome!

Award-winning author Eliza May Brown is still trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. Until then, she's having a lot of fun writing fantasy, sci-fi, and mysteries, all with a hint of romance, of course! Her books are listed on her "Titles" page.

We've added a page to list Eliza's writing awards. She admits to being a bit of a contest whore for awhile, but it was fun to get those calls and e-mails as a finalist. Rather like getting flowers the morning after (We imagine, giggle giggle). Oops. It looks like writing screenplays has opened up a whole new world of contests....

Check out the reviews "What's Eliza Reading?" and visit other authors on the "Other Authors" page.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website . There's much more to come! 

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