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Guess what? I've got a new web page! You can find sweet holiday romances at www.elysebrunnemerauthor.com! Check it out!

News that's new 5/29/2017:

I've recently tried something new--writing screenplays. My first attempt is a Christmas story that I recently sent off to a contest. I haven't got the contest results back yet but I did get some feedback on my story:

"One of the reasons The Christmas Sprite is so engaging is because the writer has taken the time to craft a unique universe governed by a very specific set of rules. Also, the script features some very clever gags along the way, including the portable candy cane charger and much more. Finally, the writer demonstrates a professional voice. The dialogue uses subtext to convey the
emotions of the character, while the action lines are vivid without being verbose. As a result, the script is fun, fast read. Overall, The Christmas Sprite has potential to be a really enjoyable family film."

How fun is that? I'll get the Christmas stories up and out pronto.

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Hello and welcome!

Award-winning author Eliza May Brown is still trying to decide what she wants to be when she grows up. Until then, she's having a lot of fun writing fantasy, sci-fi, and mysteries, all with a hint of romance, of course! Her books are listed on her "Titles" page.

We've added a page to list Eliza's writing awards. She admits to being a bit of a contest whore for awhile, but it was fun to get those calls and e-mails  as a finalist. Rather like getting flowers the morning after (We imagine, giggle giggle). Oops. It looks like writing screenplays has opened up a whole new world of contests....

On the shelves of my favorite used book store, Hooked on Books, I found a fun "new" mystery writer, Leslie O'Kane.

We join the story already in progress. The set-up: Molly finds the body and calls her husband.

    Jim greeted me with "What's wrong?"
    "Preston's been killed. I'm at Stephanie's house. She's in labor. I'm going to the hospital with her. Nathan's kindergarten bus arrives at noon. You have to get there first. There's a smutty magazine, a large check, and a box of dog $h!t on the coffee table. Put those where the kids won't see them, but don't throw anything out. It's all evidence."
    "What? Start over. I could've sworn you said--"

Who hasn't had days like this? This sounds like my last Tuesday.


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