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Into my life have fallen these

Books that Defy Categorization

Review method--totally subjective and my personal opinion.

Five Stars are for life-altering books that I think you should keep and read again and again.
Four Stars are for great books.
Three Stars are for good books.
All of the above I recommend reading. You will very rarely see me give a review of One Star (awful) or Two Stars (not worth reading) because I usually don't finish books that I don't think are awful and/or not worth reading. Sadly, sometimes, I do get tricked into wasting my time.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You *** (Three Stars) 2012
Is this manga? A comic? A documentary? Whatever it is, it's proof that dogs rule!

The Probably Future by Alice Hoffman ***** (Five Stars) 2003
Part urban fantasy, part historical fiction, part contemporary--and completely incredible. This centuries-spanning drama of mothers and daughters is way better than my pathetic attempt to tell you how amazing it is. Do yourself a favor and read it. And then give a copy to someone you love.

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