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I can read a book a day (when I'm not writing!) and I love to talk about books. I accept books for review; contact me at to get on my schedule. I have a Kindle, a Nook, and an Android tablet. I also know how to use a real book.
I'll review your book on my site and on Feel free to use any quotes (I can always find something nice to say) just attribute them to me and please add my web address to the quote.
My reviews are my personal opinion. Here's how I award star points:
     *          Start over
     **         Needs professional help.
     ***        A good read but lacks star power
     ****      A very good read; highly recommended
     *****     Buy this book and keep it close; you'll want to read it again.
--Galaxy Award--Reserved for those rare, life-changing books that stay with you forever.
I'm only going to review books that I finish, and I don't finish books that are truly awful. Realistically, most books will fall in the three-to-four-star range.
I've broken down my book reviews by genre. 

I only started writing reviews in August but I'm adding books all the time!
Young Adult                  Contemporary
Historical                       Literature
Mystery                         Romantic Suspense
Urban Fantasy              Nonfiction
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