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Even MORE Stupid Quotes

Why is it my lipstick (any brand) doesn't last on my lips for more than ten minutes, but it remains on my glass even after it's been through the dishwasher? S.P. Austin, Texas

Someone once told me that lobster tails are not actually the tails from a lobster. They said that we order a lobster tail in a restaurant, it is actually a separate creature. Is this true? P.K. Westchester, Illinois

My two dictionaries both identify the word mauve as purple and indicate the pronunciation is "mohv." Now everybody is going around calling dusty pink mauve and pronouncing it "mawv." Can anything be done about this? V.L. Saint Paul, Minnesota

Which direction should the Moon in the outhouse be facing? Would it appear differently in the southern hemisphere? Do different religions use different symbols? C.O. Catonsville, Maryland

Do oysters get bored? How can you tell? J.H. Carteret, New Jersey

What property of matter allows for the movement of popcorn residue inside of a plastic bowl to the outside of the plastic bowl? Also, do you think that this could one day be applied to some future form of transportation? T.H. Corte Madera, California

I am riding on a sailboat going 50 mph in a northerly direction. At the same time, a wind is blowing from the south at 50 mph. My question is this: does the wind cause my ponytail to blow toward my face or away from it? M.M. Lafayette, Louisiana

Could you please tell me the number of shades of green? After driving around and looking at the scenery, I have decided there must be many. P.P. Hannibal, Missouri

While in South Carolina recently, I noticed that north is southeast of due west. How can you explain this? E.F. Lake Worth, Florida

My mother-in-law is 52 years old. Is it true that if I travel off into space at the speed of light for one year, she will be 152 years old when I return? Sounds like a good deal. L.B. Hancock, Virginia

I have cobwebs in my basement; however, I have never seen a cob. What is a cob? M.B. Senecaville, Ohio

Live long and prosper.


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