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Dictionary Required

Another Strange But True Story

A lady I know, about sixtyish, had her thirteen-year-old grandson after school. "Grandma," he said to her, "I have homework. You have to take me home."

"What do you need?" she asked him.

"I have to look up the definitions of some words," he said.

"I have a dictionary upstairs," she replied.

So he goes upstairs and she hears him walking around. "Grandma, you don't have a computer up here," he calls.

She finds him and hands him an actual dictionary.

A Tangled Web of Words

I was reading the paper this morning when I came across this letter to the editor:

"Lest we forget, the inception of this country was not only in an environment of dissent, but in violent and deadly dissent....The documentation of that violent and deadly dissent is enshrined in the much-hallowed Constitution, misconstrued as a tribute to a Christian fundamental but challenged as an acknowledgement of the "Age of Reason" and the Masonic influence. There are so many fallacies and hypocrisies in the promulgation of the inception of this country, and unearthing them can be quite complex (sans the benefit of context, which is often lacking when history is taught).
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