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Family Life

Daddy Issues

"Not the way daddy would go. He never did anything gentle, or halfway easy in his life. If there was a wreck somewhere, he'd go and take a look. If the accident wasn't over yet, he'd try and get in it somehow. Then he'd figure how to make it pay. Sue somebody, or steal a set of tires."

--Skinny Annie Blues by Neal Barrett Jr.

Signs of Greatness

From the internet:

"My four-year-old has been carrying a small notebook around all day. She opens it, writes small scribbles, and quickly closes it. She's calling it her 'secret diarrhea' and maybe someday I'll correct her, but definitely not today."

You rock, mom!


Today we were coloring in Sunday school and one of my kids says to another, "I'm going to test you for color blindness. How many fingers am I holding up?"


Reality Check Please!

I think my husband watches too much TV. I wrote the Christmas play for our church and my ever-helpful husband asked, "Is it a musical?"

"Yes," I told him, "because I'm working with the cast ofGlee, an unlimited budget, and daily rehearsals--not a bunch of twitchy six-year-olds, a $50 budget, and one ten-minute rehearsal."

Does anyone know a Hollywood choreographer who will work for $50 and all the sugar cookies s/he can eat? Our dance number is going to need a little work.

Teen Angst

Why don't kids come with an instruction manual? "If your child wants to stay out all night with strangers in a strange city you should 1) check to see if all of the input cords are connected correctly; 2) unplug the power cord; 3) have him swallow the included GPS tracking device. Retrieval of the device can be complicated. Additional devices available at an extra charge. Smacking the child upside the head is not recommended but can be effective."


A Dog's Life

We are binge-watching Cesar 911 with our very badly-behaved dogs and now my husband thinks that he is Cesar Milan. I'm not sure if he's more stubborn than The Mighty Hunter, our dachshund mix, but it's hilarious to watch. I'm not sure who's training who. But if my husband starts chasing squirrels with the other mutts that live here, I'm gone.


Love and Logic and Tasers

One of my friends has five beautiful, well-behaved children under 12. She's obviously doing something right; they're great kids. 

Last night I mentioned that I'm going to get a taser to help me "discuss" issues with my 16-year-old son and inspire him to be more motivated. She very generously offered me a video on how to be a "Love and Logic" parent. 

I'm getting the taser. And, perhaps, when my friend has five teenagers I'll loan it to her.


Mixed Media

I'm not the kind of person who does anything by halves. When I'm writing, that's all I want to do and I can get tons done. When I clean, it's best to just get out of the way. When I'm in cyclone mode, take shelter and wait it out because it doesn't last long.

My writing craze has waned and now I'm reading a book a day again. I'm re-reading Janet Evanovich because I love her, but I'm squeezing in some new stuff, too. 

A recent cleaning cyclone struck my mountain of books, revealing treasures both old and new...and about 5000 cookbooks. Sadly, collecting cookbooks does not make me a good cook.

Stay off the Sidewalk

Today my teen driver tried to turn left into a traffic circle. Since we live in Colorado and not England, this was pretty terrifying. She hit the curb and nearly hit a lane divider. She stopped on a straightaway for a car making a left-hand turn.
On a positive note, she did stop for pedestrians crossing against a green light.

Sadly, though, my blood pressure medication is not keeping up. I need a MUCH stronger prescription and/or a full-frontal lobotomy (think Jack Nicholson inOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Near-Death Experiences

I’m teaching my teen daughter to drive. Luckily for me, she already knows EVERYTHING there is to know about EVERYTHING. Although she has only spent a few hours behind the wheel, I can teach her nothing.

She sees the red light and doesn’t need me to remind her to slow down. Stopping six inches from that car’s bumper gives us plenty of room. All right, so she thought she could make a left hand turn at a red light. Everyone makes mistakes.

I shouldn’t yell when she puts the car in park before coming to a stop or when she wants to make a U-turn across two lanes of oncoming traffic.
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