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Men Are From Mars

Whoa! Feelings....

"Maybe I was right about the moment we saw each other on the plane, that there was something very precious between us neither of us could name. I knew her effort to shoot me in the face did not reflect a positive attitude. Still, I think there was a reason for that. I did not feel she was ready to let her feelings out. I felt she needed more time."

--Skinny Annie Bluesby Neal Barrett Jr

IMO, if someone tries to shoot you in the face it's not because she has a problem expressing her feelings.

Men Writing Women Right

"I watched her as she drew herself erect, coming to her feet with a single fluid stretch, with the supple hydraulics of her thighs, with the slick unwinding of her legs, never using her hands to touch the floor. She turned in a graceful half-circle that snaked a wing of hair across her shoulders and down the bare curve of her back."

--Skinny Annie Blues by Neal Barrett, Jr

Internet Wisdom

Wife: We really need to stick to our budget.
Husband *feeding pet octopus a bag of emeralds* I agree.

Me: Do octopus eat emeralds?
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