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Mighty Hunter

This morning my 17-pound dachsund mix, The Mighty Hunter, slipped out of his collar and ran three laps around the car in pursuit of a bunny. Hunter didn't notice, but the bunny did only one lap and ran off down the sidewalk. Just as well--I don't want to know what the goofy mutt would do if he actually managed to catch a bunny.

For now, Hunter will get his calories from Alpo, the way nature intended.

Pugs are More Equal

Hear Me Roar

Did you read the story about the 15-pound dachshund who saved his human mother and brother from a 200-pound bear? It took $4000 to stitch the brave little dog back together, but he drove the bear off. We have a dachshund mix and, let me tell you, he's only little on the outside. On the inside he has the heart of a dire wolf. I firmly believe would take on a pack of grizzlies to save his family.

Our pug mix would totally back him up--from about thirty feet--by barking like crazy. But she wouldn't need stitches after.

Zombie Pugs?

My daughter just said the only survivors of the zombie apocalypse will be pugs--because zombies only eat brains and, well, our pug is not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Hunter's Great Adventure

Our dogs Hunter (dachshund mix) and Amber (pug mix) had quite an adventure yesterday. They managed to push a board loose in the gate and escape the back yard to chase a kitty up the block. The kitty has been hanging around our porch, napping on the chairs and getting attention from the kids. This, of course, drives our dogs crazy.

Luckily, Hunter's stitches held up to his activities. He has been sentenced to wear the cone of shame until the stitches come out on Thursday. And he can't fit through the hole in the fence while he's wearing the collar.

Hunter's Trials and Tribulations

Hi everyone! I've had some issues with keeping the website alive--I am extremely tech-challenged--as well as issues with, well, laziness.

New news: Our dachshund mix managed to slice a big chunk out of his hide while he was chasing squirrels in the backyard. It cost over $500 to stitch him back up. And that's the SECOND time we had to do it. (Three years ago we spent another $450 to stitch up his leg.) Why do we spend so much on these goofy critters? By any objective measure it's crazy.
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