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A Portrait and a 1,000 Words

Today's Gazette front page (below the fold):

"Trump Portrait Adorns Capital After Putin Prank."

It's not what it sounds like at all. The Colorado state Capital Building has portraits of the presidents; last year, a prankster put a portrait of Putin near where Trump's portrait would hang. The prankster was fired, the Putin image was removed, and President Trump's portrait is there now.

State of the Union

I read an editorial the other day that offered a cogent pro/con for some hyper-charged comment on our current president-elect. Truthfully, I don't even remember what position the writer took, who he supported, or most of what he said--until he said "and unicorns will fart rainbows over America."

The sun is shining somewhere and, somewhere over America, a unicorn is farting a rainbow. 

God bless the USA!

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