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Sad but True

Above Average

Hi, everybody! I have been gone a really long time, but I'm glad to be back! So many people have posted such nice comments!

I have no real wisdom to impart, but let me share this little nugget that I read on the internet (so it must be true):

Eighty-five percent of people think they're smarter than average.

I love it!


Internet Relationship Advice

"Marriage is about understanding what irritates your spouse...and using it strategically."

This is never more true than the week before the holidays! Merry Christmas!

Internet Relationships

"We're assembling a crib from Ikea. Which option on the toll free number gets you a marriage counselor?"

Modern Travel

"Airleetism.” Airplane + elitism.

Airleetism begins the moment you step into the airport. Are you a Platinum Gold Traveler? No? Then stand in line. Did you pay for Special Keep-Your-Shoes-On Clearance? No? Then stand in line. BTW, there’s no more room for your carry-on. You’re gonna have to tape it to the side of the plane and see what happens."
--Yahoo Lifestyle

Have a nice flight!
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