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If I Were in Charge of Anything....

My daughter is in the Army National Guard and is planning to invade an exercise they're conducting over the summer in a Midwestern state about as far from the Russian front as you can get. She was talking tanks, artillery, and strategy, and I suggested that she include a Zombie Seal Team Six.

She said that her commander has no sense of humor. I told her that if I were her commander, I would reward creativity. 

Which is why, I suppose, I will never be an Army officer in charge of anything.


I'm researching crimes and sentencing for a story and came up with some interesting tidbits:

The Federal minimum mandatory sentences for

"robbery ashore by a pirate" is life in prison

"Interference in a Civil Service exam" gets you 10 days in the pen.

"Refusal to operate railroad or telegraph lines" gets you locked up for six months.

"Bribery of a meat inspector" can send you up the river for 1 year.

but TREASON will get you five years.

Stay out of trouble!
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