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It's Magic

"The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; the change the world into words."

--William H. Gass

A Writer with Style

     "Halfass led the way. In somber pace, he carried a gigantic floral spray, a spray nearly six feet high, festooned with every flower known to man, every bloom, every petal, every bud you could name as long as it was dead, as long as it had fried somewhere in a florist's garbage can for a month or maybe three, the colors bleached away, the blossoms limp and flat.
     "Nobody moved, nobody took a breath. They simply stood and watched as this unholy pair made their way across the dry and brittle grass toward Bob the waiter's grave.

Internet Writing Wisdom

"Men writing women characters: She was beautiful but didn't know it. She was 5'7" and 101 pounds. Her feet were size 3. Her hat size was infant. She'd never thrown up, not even once. Her periods lasted 45 minutes. Her top was see-through."
--Lucy Huber

I read that book!

Editing is Hard

In the story I'm working on now I meant to write "He was wanted on stage." Instead I wrote "He was waned on stage." And spellcheck allowed it! The sun waxes and wanes! People don't wane!

Writers Have to Write

"Buster did not want to talk about writing. It had been years since his last novel had been published, a spectacular failure at that. His literary career was encased in ice, held in suspended animation, lost to future generations. His writing had become, like a stash of rare and troubling pornography, something that must be kept hidden, an obsession that other people would be mystified to discover."

--fromThe Family Fangby Kevin Wilson

Writers on Writing

To my writing friends, a quote on writer's block:

What are you afraid of? Why are you not writing?

"There might be a fewirrationalfears kicking around that keep you from writing. Your spouse will detest your story so much that he or she will divorce you. Your agent, now realizing you are the world’s worst hack, will have no choice but to take out a front page ad inVarietywarning everyone in the industry to avoid you. Financial ruin will follow. You will lose your house. You will live on the streets eating garbage to survive.

Box Number Two

I've got a new story rattling around in my head. It's not the story I'm supposed to be writing. I'd planned to write a sequel to myDouble Cross. I've got a complete synopsis and 75 pages.
And I really, really, want to write something else.
I've got an idea for a western, a historical comedy, that I brainstormed with a friend. She urged me to write it. But I already write in so many genres, I argued, that it doesn't make sense to open ANOTHER can of worms.
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