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Sad and Confused

Good Crazy?

I just joined a new online writers group today, the Heart of Denver Romance Writers. In introducing myself I realized that I sounded a little...well, to be honest, I sounded just a little bit crazy. But, I hope, that's good crazy.

My kind of crazy generally involves heckling from the back row, blurting out the odd weirdness, and spending more time with the characters in my head than actual humans. But all human contact is just fodder for my stories--so be careful what you say around me. You might read one of my stories and recognize yourself in a character.


Hey everyone! I've been having fun on Facebook and I figured out how to put two of my covers on my "Covers" page right here on my website. I am slowly, reluctantly, being dragged into 2014. 


With, literally, a world of information at our fingertips, the internet can be very distracting. You can lose yourself following endless links and pop-ups. But there are reasonable limits, especially if you need or want to get anything else done.

One of my friends challenged me to think about what I would do without the internet.

Without the internet I....

--wouldn't know what the top 10 cutest dogs were;

--wouldn't be able to read so much "Dear Abby" and feel better about myself because I'm so normal in comparison;


Well, finally. Shooter is now available at Create Space. I've sent it to Amazon, and it should be available as an e-book in 12 hours or so. Better late than never, right?
Don't forget to get your e-book copy of SeaWitch. It's free on Amazon this weekend.

New Promo

Hi! I'm still hoping to have Shooter up today. I made some (more!) edits, so it's taking me longer than I hoped.
SeaWitch is going to be free on Amazon this weekend! Grab your copy!


The Vampire Hunterfree promo was quite successful. Please post your comments or a review. Feedback will help me improve.
I've finished editingShooterand, hopefully, it will be available in print and e-book in the next couple of days.
I'm half-way through the next Lost Boys novel, and I'm at that critical point where I tend to get bogged down--I have the story all plotted out and have written the beginning and the end. Since I know how it ends, I have very little incentive to write the middle, crucial part that gets Seth and Raine to that end.

Free Weekend

The Vampire Hunter is a free download through Amazon this weekend, and I'm thrilled with the response. Get yours now!


I have been working hard, even if I haven't been blogging about it. A bunch of my stories are now available on Amazon, which is soooooo exciting!
I'm working on editing The Vampire Shooter and hope to have it up and out soon!

The Vampire Hunter is available on Amazon!

My first book,The Vampire Hunter,is now available on Amazon! Words can't express how excited I am to finally see it in print and online.
I've been a very busy girl. Since July I wrote, proofed, and sent offThe Queen's Consortto my agent, Cherry Weiner. I've made multiple changes toThe Vampire Hunter,got the cover made, and uploaded it to Amazon. Since I am NOT a techie, this was way harder than it probably should have been.
I have also been hard at work on Tawny's story,
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